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Thank you to everyone who participated in our Public Launch Contest. The contest is officially closed. We have drawn names, and we'll be following up with winners via email. The response and participation we received in the contest has been overwhelming, and we just wanted to thank everyone again.

We would like to do another contest again this year, so please check back often!


We're still getting contest submissions in, so we've decided to extend our contest week by 1 week! So we'll be drawing names on Monday, August 8th! We're also launching a new tool this week, so keep an eye our for that!

Contest Details

To celebrate our official public launch, we're throwing a Public Launch Giveaway Contest where we'll be giving away fabulous prizes. In order to become eligible to win, you must complete several tasks. Once you complete all these tasks, your name will be entered into our random draw on July 31st August 8th, 2011. As people win prizes, their name will remain in the drawing, so you can win more than once! Winners will be contacted by email. So make sure your DomainHole account has your correct email address!

The Tasks

In order to become eligible to win prizes, you must complete the following tasks on our site.
You still need to complete some tasks in order to be eligible to win prizes.
At the top of every page of our site, we will show you your current status of tasks that you need to complete. You can close this window at any time by clicking on the icon in the top corner of the window. If you accidently closed the window and would like it back, click the link below.
Restore Contest Window.

The Prizes

We currently have the following prizes lined up. We're also working on sourcing additional prizes to add, so check back often!

GRAND PRIZE: XBOX 360 Kinect Bundle

Include XBOX 360 console, Kinect console,
one controller, and Kinect Adventures game.
Sponsored by Timeless Technologies.

10 Prizes of Free Domain Registrations

GoDaddy gift card good for a .com domain registration!
Sponsored by GoDaddy.

One Set of Domaining Training DVDs

Learn how to earn through domaining. $120 value.
Sponsored by Domain Wealth.

One Free Customized Mini-Site

Sponsored by

One 60 Day Free Trial at ShoeBoxed

Sponsored by

10 Prizes of DomainHole T-Shirts

Short-Sleeve, 100% Cotton, Tagless T-Shirts
We have two sizes available to choose from: L and XL
Sponsored by Timeless Technologies.

25 Prizes of DomainHole 4-in-1 Screwdriver Sets

You get four screwdrivers in one handy pen-sized set!
Sponsored by Timeless Technologies.

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Enter the DomainHole Public Launch Giveaway Contest and an XBOX Kinect Bundle and more! via @domainhole