Domain Drop

The World's First Domaining Game

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Type domains here and press ENTER.

How to Play

The rules of the game are simple. As domains fall down the screen, you must type the domain and hit ENTER before the domain hits the bottom of the screen. You don't have to include the .COM when you type.

As you successfully type domains, your score will increase, and more domains will start falling more frequently.

If you miss a domain and it hits the bottom of the screen, you will lose a life. When you lose all lives, the game is over.

After you lose, we encourage everyone to submit their score for a chance to make it on our highscores list. You can also tweet your score to your friends for some healthy competition. =)

All domains that fall are available domains that were generated with our expired domain search tool. If you like a domain that you see, you can pause the game, and favourite or register the domain. You can also see the full list of domains at the end of your game.


Domain Drop has been tested in the following browsers: FireFox 4+, Internet Explorer 8+, Google Chrome, Opera 11.5+, Safari 5+.
Due to technical limitations, sound is disabled in Internet Explorer.
This domain is not available. However you have some additional options to acquire this domain.

Backorder Domain
A backordering service will watch a domain, and try to register it for you the moment if becomes available.

Domain Buy Service
Use GoDaddy's Domain Buy Service and they will do what they can to help you acquire this domain.

Create an Alert
DomainHole will watch this domain for you and let you know if the domain status ever changes.