About Domain Hole

Who we are

Some of us have been making web sites since as early as 1996. Through that time we have built skills in web design, SEO, web development, along with buying and selling web sites and domains. Over the decades we have amassed a lot of useful knowledge and skills.

What is Domain Hole

We are attempting to build up an array of tools for your domains. Hopefully everything you will ever need when it comes to buying and selling any domain. We are always interested in our members ideas and thoughts, so if there are suggestions you have on a new tool or improvement, we would love to hear from you.

We want to offer you tools that will save you time and money, along with reduce risk when it comes to trading domain names. We are continually trying to expand what we can offer you, using our unique tools and algorithms to generate domain names, that you might not have feasibly been able to think of before.

Why we do what we do

We have been out there too, stuck on domain ideas, then only to think of one, and find out it is already a web site, or for sale for for thousands of dollars. We know how it feels. Having so many tools for us to find and create new domains, or search for domains that are for sale or expired, we found gave us that much extra advantage in securing a great domain. We are now able to offer all our visitors and members the same advantage we have.