An Update on Things

An Update on Things

Wow what a few weeks it has been since we first launched our public beta release. Thank you to all who have submitted feedback and shared the news of our release.

We're currently developing three new tools, that we hope to release over the next couple weeks. We're also doubling our marketing efforts in an attempt to reach a wider audience. We've got some exiting news to share soon - stay tuned to find out more.

Here is a list of the major additions and changes we've made since our last update.

  • We've removed the beta login screen, so you no longer need a code to get in (but we're still in beta mode)
  • Login and registrations is now handled via AJAX, so you don't lose your spot on the page if asked to login.
  • When you go to register a domain, you can now select from a list of popular registrars (with more coming soon)
  • When you favourite a domain, you can now see how many you have up in the top right by your profile link.
  • You can now favourite any domain you see on the site.
  • We moved the tools menu, so we don't encounter text wrapping issues in some browsers.
  • Faster searching! More optimizations have been made, which should result in faster searching.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes here and there.
  • ...more changes coming soon!