How To Build A Website and Flip It With Ease

How To Build A Website and Flip It With Ease

For many domain flippers, simply posting their domains on sellers’ sites is enough. However, for those looking to increase their sales and profit margin, the world of selling fully functional Wordpress-based sites is the way to go.

Although more effort is put forth when doing domain sales this way, more money is typically asked for by the seller making it a highly lucrative option for those who are truly serious about domain flipping. Furthermore, with only a proficient level of knowledge when it comes to site building and SEO, you can transform your dull domain into a traffic-garnering powerhouse and then sell it to another business professional in a myriad of different fields.

However, to begin building and selling site domains, you must first recognize why you should be flipping built sites, whether or not it is cost-effective, and the steps necessary to turn this business idea into a profit-making reality.

Why Should You Build A Site Instead of Flipping Blank Domains?

The first question you may be asking yourself is why not just flip blank domain sites and save the time and effort? This is where the old saying ‘quality over quantity’ comes into play. A quality domain with solid content, SEO, and traffic will sell for far more than a blank domain with a low DA and a low CTR to match.

Furthermore, instead of simply selling sites to the average Joe site-buyer, you can begin to sell to a much larger market of business-owners and individuals looking to monetize simple sites through traffic and adsense.

Lastly, the largest reason as to why building and selling fully-functional sites is better is because you can also then showcase your site building prowess in order to possibly entice other domain flippers into having you build sites for them which could inevitably lead to a full-time job as a domain broker. This position requires quite a bit of front-end work but could lead to tremendous amounts of profit in the end.

Is It Costly To Build A Site Initially?

The second question you may be asking yourself is whether or not you can start building sites on your current domains now or if you need an initial investment to begin. The answer to this is that it won’t be free, but it won’t cost you an arm and a leg either.

Although you will have to sign up for web hosting and may also want to consider one of the many Wordpress themes that must be purchased, these will truthfully be the only costs you will need to begin making your site. From there, you can start putting your site together, adding content, and focusing on SEO tactics to build your DA making it a highly cost-effective process in the long run.

Once you’ve decided to create a website, however, you may be wondering exactly how to begin. With this information, you can at last start making higher profit margins on domain flipping and increase your client and buyer base all in one.

How To Build and Flip A Quality Site For Profit

The first step to creating a full-fledged and SEO-enriched Wordpress site is to sign up for web hosting. There are many web hosting options out there and each has different web hosting packages which all depends on how many sites you intend to create and have on the market at once. On top of this, you will also want to look at the speed of the server and how much content you intend to have on your sites as you don’t want sites that are non-responsive both for SEO purposes as well as potential buyers.

Once you’ve signed up with your web hosting service, you will then want to connect your domain and web host services so they work together. Next, you will want to install Wordpress. The reason that Wordpress is highly recommended is due to it’s easy-to-understand and simplistic building tools. Instead of making a completely custom-coded site, you can simply choose a template and start creating a site with ease.

Once you’ve chosen a template you feel is good for the kind of content you hope to populate your site with, you can then add your plugins and sidebar widgets so as to begin keeping track of things such as your CTR as well as your content’s SEO rank. If you are unsure of what to base your site on, look at the current online market and what is trending in the tech, marketing, and business industries so as to create a site that has engaging content which will gain traffic and also interest entrepreneurs within these markets.

Once you’ve done this, you can finally add your content to the site which will increase your FreshRank, contact other Wordpress sites to build links which will build your trustRank, and focus on specific keywords that poll well to slowly rise your DA as well.

After you’ve reached a level that is optimal for your site, you can start promoting it on domain flipping and buying sites so you can find a buyer that will pay the desired amount you are looking for. With a site that has great content, a good FreshRank, quality UX, a high DA, and traffic that is evident, you can easily take what would have sold for nearly nothing and turn it around into a highly profitable and highly sought after domain in no time.