Development Update for June 5th

Development Update for June 5th

Hello Domainers. We just finished launching several updates to our live codebase, and we wanted to provide a summay of the changes for you.

  • We've launched our official BLOG! We'll be posting development updates and related articles that will provide insight into how we do things and why.
  • When a domain is unavailable - you can now easily create a Domain Alert by clicking on the domain.
  • We added a sort to Name Spinner, so you can now sort by character length.
  • We optimized the AJAX calls for faster data fetching on the Expired Domain Search.
  • We updated the main domain links on Expired Domain Search so it brings up the available registrar list.
  • We're now using an improved method for sending emails out from the system, which will hopefully reach your inbox more reliably.
  • We added new administration features to help us track user activity, so we can better track what people are using and where we should focus our development efforts.
  • We updated the format of emails that go out from the system.
  • We fixed the AJAX bugs on the Expired Domain Search.
  • We implemented new session code that addressed some wierd bugs.
  • We fixed some browser compatibility issues in old browsers.
  • We fixed the automated Domain Alerts script, so it's now tracking changes properly.