What is Domain Name Flipping and How Can You Make Money Doing It?

What is Domain Name Flipping and How Can You Make Money Doing It?

Let’s be honest; everyone wants to become rich for doing very little in return. It’s the reason why countless get-rich-quick schemes have infiltrated our society over the years and why many more continue to pop up each and every day. However, many of these schemes don’t garner the positive results the hopeful individuals which choose to follow them are looking for. In the end, these individuals are instead met with disappointment and money spent foolishly on false hopes.

However, with so many new opportunities arising and the internet providing countless new ways for telework to count as a viable income source, perhaps, the answer to our dreams of making it big for doing nothing in return are finally here. Although it may not sound or look like the regular schemes we’ve grown accustomed to over the years, domain name flipping is so much more for so much less. With a little bit of time, some online research, and a firm grasp on the tough world of online bidding, you can transform your life simply by investing in the sites others will someday come searching for.

In order to fully see how this new form of online money-making is remarkable, we must first look at what exactly it consists of, whether it is ethical or simply another multi-level marketing scheme in the making, and how you can start to make the big bucks by simply following the ‘online wave’.  Once you’ve done this, you can begin to turn your daily web-surfing into a profit-making machine.

What is Domain Name Flipping and is it Worth it?

When we turn to the internet to find out more about domain flipping, the words ‘unethical’ and ‘sleazy’ tend to be the first to come up, but is it really? The truth is that domain flipping is no different from house flipping. However, people don’t call house flipping unethical as it is a way of making money that does require hard work and dedication. Despite that being said, domain name flipping actually does take effort and dedication only most of this is done from the comfort of your own home which is what makes it so enticing to people all around the world.

Domain flippers buy domains with the intent of quickly reselling them at a higher cost in order to make profit. When house flippers come to a house they are interested in, they don’t typically tell the seller what they intend to do to the house or how they will soon be able to resell it for a much higher price but instead purchase the home for pennies on the dollar, fix it up, and resell it to the highest bidder.

With this in mind, it is no surprise why many people see the value in domain flipping. Domain flippers begin their process by finding a domain name that is high quality and sought after. Once they have chosen the name, they then register it through the domain provider. The goal is to register for only one year as you will hope to flip it within this period of time in order for it to truly be profitable.

Next, there are many options as to how you can go about finding a buyer from making a custom page on the site name all the way to listing it on domain name flipping websites at the price you are hoping to get. However, these will be discussed in detail below as your decision could impact the amount of money you make for each domain name.  

Lastly, the domain name is sold and the profit you have made is then added to the overall profit you will inevitably be making as a domain name flipper. With all of this said and the work being little to nothing in return, it is fairly obvious that this form of online money- making truly is worth the effort.

How To Make A Profit Flipping Domains

In order to make a profit flipping domains, there is quite a bit of effort that must be put forth. To start, the domain flipper must pay close attention to market trends, names and keywords that are currently trending, and the domain flipping market in general. By doing this, they can predict with a fair bit of accuracy what domain names will be easy to flip and which will not. For instance, if the current market were to coincide with a particular election, the flipper could easily take this into account, buy any domains related to the campaigns of certain candidates, and resell them for a high profit margin simply by keeping track of what is trending around them.

Furthermore, the seller can also look for domains that are similar to other domain names that are already purchased. The reason for this is that companies which are invested in their online presence may want to purchase these similar domain names from you in order to redirect them to their site. This alone can be a highly profitable endeavor but does require various forms of outreach that other kinds of flipping do not.

As a beginner, it is ideal to choose two or three domain names you feel passionately about after doing your research and then register them for the year-long term. Next, you will want to set goals for yourself and the profits you hope to achieve. The most ideal and attainable goal domain flippers tend to set is at least 100% profit off of the domain names they register.

This is where the magic truly happens. Although you may be looking for money to enter your bank in a matter of days, domain flipping is a far more unique form of money-making. In fact, flipping domains for the kinds of profit you may be initially looking for can take up to one year to achieve but the results can be miraculous.

While waiting for a buyer, the average domain flipper may post the domain on domain selling sites but this is where they make their first mistake. Instead, by creating a simple one-page layout that explains that the site is for sale and who to contact, you can not only attract people looking on domain sites but also people simply putting your domain in their search bar as well.

In the end, although there are a ton of ways to make profit online, domain flipping may just be the most rewarding way of all. Despite the fact that this all may sound a bit overwhelming, the truth is that domain flipping is actually super easy and, with tools such as ours, you can start your new online career in no time and begin padding your wallet with ease.